Unplanned Care Team

Emergency Care Practitioners

Paramedic Practitioners or Emergency Care Practitioners carry out home visits and give advice over the phone to patients unable to travel to the surgery. They can see patients with minor illness and infections at the surgery. ECPs at The Beacon Health Group play a vital role in supporting the doctors to look after our patients receiving palliative care or nearing the end of life.

Abbie Gray

Manuel Sevillano

Katherine O'Connor

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse Practitioners are highly-trained professionals and can undertake complex reviews of patients, just like GPs. They can assess symptoms and build a picture of a patient's condition, treat minor health problems, infections, minor injuries and prescribe medication where necessary.


Clinical Pharmacists are becoming more common place in GP practices and are qualified professionals whose skills include reviewing medications for patients who have long-term conditions. They can also treat minor illnesses and refer patients onto other services.

Fatema Dossa

Pharmacist Team Lead

Rizwan Siddiqi

Arinze Kanu

Michael Anim

Nadeea Rahman